Annual maintenance


Annual roof maintenance isn’t something that most people love doing. But at DIXMO Roofing, it’s not only our job; it’s our passion. Along with your satisfaction. With our annual maintenance service, we’ll detect any flaw, damage or weakness, no matter how small, before it becomes a big problem.

Our professionals are trained to meticulously inspect your roof, regardless of the pitch, the products used or the roofing membrane deployed. It’s our job to make sure you go to bed each night with peace of mind, so you can rest easy without worrying that your roof might collapse on your head.

Every year, it’s important to see to it that any little problem is ironed out as soon as possible. Call on the specialists at DIXMO Roofing, Ltd. for efficient annual maintenance. It would be our pleasure to provide this service for you because, after all, your satisfaction is our commitment.


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