Asphalt and gravel roofing


A commercial flat roof or gently pitched roof is a perfect place to use asphalt and gravel roofing. Although it isn’t visible from ground level, the roof will get all the attention it deserves to ensure that it’s resistant, weatherproof and durable. At DIXMO Roofing, we take the necessary time and effort to ensure that your asphalt and gravel roof is optimally installed and strategically maintained. You can rest easy when you entrust the regular maintenance of your roof to our experienced professionals.

While asphalt and gravel roof maintenance is fairly simple, it must be done properly. That’s why you should call on the specialists at DIXMO Roofing, Ltd. They can prevent the cracks that occur as a result of the intense heat of the sun drying out the asphalt with the passing seasons. Your roof must be swept, liquid tar must be applied and the gravel must be repositioned. The people at DIXMO Roofing, Ltd. will be happy to manage all of these tasks for you.

Several factors play into the proper installation of an asphalt and gravel roof, including the outdoor temperature, atmospheric pressure and thickness of the tar. That’s why we recommend doing business with the roofing professionals at DIXMO Roofing, Ltd. They’re specialists in their field. Contact us for your next commercial asphalt and gravel roofing project.

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