Metal roofing


When looking for metal roofing, you have numerous materials to choose from. Aluminum, copper, steel and a number of other metals are used in the design and manufacture of these highly resistant roofs. Not only will they last a long time, but they’re also sturdy, durable and—most importantly—energy efficient. Metal roofing is the perfect solution, given the harsh climate of Quebec. When installed by professionals like the ones at DIXMO Roofing, a metal roof can stand up to a century’s worth of sleet, snow, hail, ice and sun. It’s our specialty!

And you don’t have to wait until spring, summer or fall to have your metal roofing installed. It can easily be done in the winter. You can even have it installed on top of your existing roof. And it comes in a surprising number of colors, too.

Not to mention a variety of styles. Metal roofs can take the form of vertical metal panels, corrugated panels, intertwined metallic shingles, or even stone-coated steel tiles. When you need an estimate on a roof that will last a lifetime, think DIXMO Roofing, Ltd. A long-term value.

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