Snow and ice removal


The harsh winters of Quebec can certainly put your nerves on edge. But you can relax, thanks to the rooftop snow and ice removal services provided by the specialists at DIXMO Roofing, Ltd. Accumulated snow, leaks and improper drainage. These problems will be a thing of the past with the snow and ice removal services we offer because we’ll take care of them, often before they happen. That’s our preventive maintenance at your service!

Whether you have a shingle roof, flat roof, gently pitched roof or living roof, we’ll do whatever it takes to prevent the never-ending problems of accumulated snow and ice that are among the hazards of our Quebec winters.

The delicate task of removing snow from a roof must be done conscientiously. Shingles are easily damaged, cracks can easily become worse and one wrong move can easily send you to the emergency room with broken ribs, a broken leg or a concussion. That’s why you should entrust the job to the roofing specialists at DIXMO. They’ll do all the work while you enjoy a cup of hot chocolate in front of the fireplace.


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